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Reactivity of foals to the feeding stall with unknown object hanging above

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posted on 2017-08-07, 19:24 authored by Mayra Oliveira Medeiros, Laura Alves Brandi, Camila Giunco, Amanda Heloisa Dicilio de Alcântara, Tamires Romão Nunes, Roberta Ariboni Brandi

The aim of this study was to evaluate the reactivity of foals to the feeding stall with unknown objects tied to its roof. For this, 11 foals, six males and five females, were taken to the feeding stall, where open raffia bags were placed tied to the roof, in a way to disturb but not prevent the entrance to the stalls, for a period of five consecutive days. Three variables were observed at the moment of entrance in the stall for each animal, and given scores to possible variations of the behaviors. Behavioral observations were performed using the continuous visual method, and analyzed with a variance test by gender, score and day of observation, with multiple comparison by PDIFF at 5%. There was no effect (p> 0.05) of the hanging object on the Position of the Eyes for gender, score or day, with a predominance of attentive eyes, with a frequency of 91,83%. There was also no effect (p> 0.05) for the variable Position of the Ears for gender or day, however there was an effect (p <0.05) for score, with predominance of ears facing forwards and backwards. There was no effect (p> 0.05) for gender, score or day for the Snorting variable, all animals did not snort. There is no difference between gender of foals on the reactivity to a new tactile object positioned before the feeding trough. The foals pay attention to the object hanging on the roof without increasing their reactivity.


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